Our Mission

Simply put, we are here to help inspire, guide, teach, and facilitate all of your printing needs. We are committed to working with you in curating the right selection of images for your portfolio, project, exhibit, or walls. We can help develop and retouch your files, we can suggest the best possible medium for your needs, and if you want to print yourself, we can teach you how to do that as well. We are not just printers at Bradley Print Services, we are photographers, artists, and craftsman. Feel free to lean on us regarding any and all aspects of your workflow leading up to making your final print. Nothing is more valuable than that final interpretation of your vision.  



Jason Bradley: Owner

Jason is a nature and underwater photographer, author of the book Creative Workflow In Lightrooma teacher of digital workflow, contributor and blogger for Outdoor Photographer Magazine, and a photo safari and expedition leader. He is passionate about helping others in learning and exploring the craft of photography and helping make the best prints possible. To see some of Jason's work or to find information on some of his upcoming workshops and expeditions, visit www.BradleyPhotographic.com.


Joe Platko: Operations

Joe Platko runs operations at Bradley Photographic Print Services and is an irreplaceable part of the quality work we produce. Joe is a graduate from CSUMB, having earned a bachelors of science in marine ecosystems. He is a divemaster and a passionate nature photographer.  Joe has been published widely in magazines and newspapers such as the New York Times, Huffington Post, and British Airways Highlife Magazine, to name a few. To see more of Joe's work, visit www.JoePlatkoPhotography.com.



"There are a lot of places that'll print your digital files for you.  There are very few that treat your files with the kind of reverence Bradley Photographic does.  Bradley Photographic's ability to fully realize my vision in the final print, in a way that I can't do myself, is incredible.  If you want a print lab there are a million options. If you want a master printer, talk to Jason Bradley at Bradley Photographic.

- David Duchemin, World & Humanitarian Photographer and founder of Craft & Vision


"Jason Bradley gets it!  Jason is a well of knowledge about printing and is passionate about what he does."

- Carol Boss, Hahnenmühle Marketing Services Manager


"Jason Bradley’s extensive knowledge of image development and printing techniques enable him to provide top quality services to other photographers who do not have the time or the skills to do this themselves. He has been an invaluable resource for our Studio’s printing needs whether it is for museum exhibits or our fine prints made to exacting specifications for collectors."

- Frans Lanting, National Geographic Photographer and Expedition Leader


"Thank you Bradley Photographic for your printing expertise.  Your care, quality, timing, and guidance through the complex environment of digital printing has helped me expand my business.  What you do is beneficial and priceless in todays market place."

- Amos Nachoum, Founder of Big Animals Expeditions