Our choice of paper represents who we are as artists. In addition to most commonly used papers, we have selected additional options for you based on affordability, quality, durability, archivability, branding, and arguably most important, the look and feel of the paper.  In addition to excellent quality papers we are excited to offer our favorite paper, the Hahnemühle.  Hahnemühle is the world's leading producer of coated papers for inkjet printing, and has been around since the late sixteenth century. Their brand has cache and the quality of their papers is undeniable.

If you are unsure which paper is for you, when placing a print order you can choose our "Paper Sample Packet" for a flat rate of $30. Uploading a file ensures we will send you a print of your image on each paper type we offer. If you have a request for a paper we don't normally stock, we can do that to, just call us. We are committed to help you take the quality of your work to the next level. And of course, you can always contact us for a consultation to secure the highest quality print to represent your work. To make an appointment, contact us!



Hahnemühle fine art baryta satin

300 GSM, 100% alpha-cellulose, satin finish, no optical brightening agents

This is a beautiful paper with a surface of subtle textures, and a white, satin-gloss finish. The term "Baryta," refers to the barium sulphate thats added to help the papers longevity and ability to handle details in critical areas. The barium sulphate is part of a microporous ink-recieving layer, providing exceptional image results for large color space with intensive coloring. If you are interested in a versatile fine-art paper with deep rich blacks, excellent contrast, and solid archivability, this paper is it. 

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Hahnemühle bamboo

290 GSM, 90% Bamboo, 10% Cotton, matt finish, no optical brightening agents

Hahnemuhle Bamboo paper, made from sustainable materials, is a fairly new and beautiful addition to Hahnemuhle's fine-art line of papers. This paper is slightly warm toned, with a smooth non-distracting matt surface allowing your audience to easily get lost in what you've printed, not how you've printed it. Hahnemüle Bamboo is an excellent paper for working with color or monochromatic images with subtle tones, gradations, and contrast. 

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Hahnemühle photo rag 308

308 GSM, 100% Cotton, matt finish, minimal optical brightners

Hahnemüle Photo Rag is like the Classic Coke of digital fine-art papers. It's often touted as the paper that fueled the digital fine art revolution, and is still one of the more beautiful papers to print on. This is a white paper with subtle textures, a matt finish, and a surprisingly versatile ability to handle a wide range of images. Every artist should try this paper, at least once.

Bamboo_Fine_Art_Paper_802831 copy.jpg

Hahnemühle photo Luster

290 GSM, resin coated, luster finish, contains optical brighteners

This paper does it all. Not considered a "fine-art" paper, Hahnemüle Photo Luster is an affordable resin coated, ultra-durable, ultra-versatile paper, and it's our most affordable. This paper contains optical brighteners to achieve a bright white tone that allows colors to shine from the paper.


Fine Line metallic (super gloss)

270 GSM, Thickness 10.5 mil, Whiteness 87%, Opacity 98%,  pearlescent chrome finish, minimal optical brighteners

If you want punch, high contrast, and tones that pop, this is your paper. Not considered a "fine-art" paper, Fine-line Photo Chrome Luster is a shiny metallic paper. It is a quick drying and durable resin coated paper that works best for images with bright saturated colors or high contrast monochromatic tones.